Come and shred the cable!

 For those who have never heard of wakeboarding before it’s such a cool and fun sport. If you’ve ever experienced snowboarding, it’s like that but only wetter! The rider is pulled along on a board guided by a specially designed cable, allowing the rider to build up speed.

Our fantastic 2 point learner cable allows riders to learn this exhilarating sport in a safe and controlled way, with the expert guidance of our friendly coaches who are with the rider every step of the way.

Like any sport, you start off slowly with our introductory wakeboarding, learning the basic skills then you move up to our intermediate cable and in no time at all you’ll be performing tricks on the obstacles on our main 5 point cable.


Wakeboarding Lessons

Introductory wakeboard sessions on 2.0 cable

Single Person: £35 per session
Group Session: £60 for up to 3 participants

If you haven’t been wakeboarding before it is essential that you book a lesson on the 2.0 cable before you book on the intermediate or full cable, this is 1 to 1 coaching to give you the skills needed before progressing to our other cables.

Intermediate wakeboard sessions on our progressive 2.0 cable

Single Person: £35 per session
Group Session: £60 for up to 3 participants

Please make sure you have either been on our introductory cable or have done a wakeboarding lesson before trying out our intermediate cable!

Our new 2.0 cable is perfect for people wanting to progress from our introductory cable! Or even practice some tricks! Get the 1 to 1 coaching you need before progressing onto our 5 point cable

Progression Sessions

A great way to transition from our 2-point learner cable onto the 5-point full cable. The speed is set slower so you can master the corners and build your confidence in the sport. The sessions are limited to ten people and includes tuition. You’ll be up and riding in no time!

Every Saturday 11:00am-1:00pm

Every Sunday 11:00 am-1:00 pm 

Ladies Club

A gang of ladies who want to learn new skills on the 5. cable, conquer fears, and support each other in the process! All level riders and ages welcome – slower cable for the first half of the session, then full speed for the 2nd half.  Come along, meet new people and make friends for life!

If you’re a complete beginner, book an introductory lesson on the 2.0 cable before your first ladies session just to learn the basics, then you’ll be ready to tackle the 5.0!

Equipment is included with ladies club so don’t select any at the booking process!

Every Sunday 9:00 am-11:00 am


General Wakeboarding Sessions

General sessions are set at full speed to entertain those thrill seekers! There are many obstacles to tackle from kickers to boxes and everything inbewteen.

Thinking of purchasing a wakeboard? Why not upgrade to a demo board for £30 and even test it out on the obstacles! You can even recieve a £30 discount should you buy the board

The full cable is 625 m total length with 2 x 250 metre straight sections at a height of 12 m.

Please be aware when booking onto the cable that the following are slow sessions, so avoid these slots if you are experienced:

Saturdays 11am-1pm

Sundays 11am-1pm

A great day out for all the family